First-year Duke Ph.D. students are invited to take part in small peer mentoring groups during their second semester on campus.

Facilitated by trained peer mentoring fellows, these groups are designed to help new doctoral students flourish. No two groups will be alike. The topics, discussions and activities will be shaped by the interests and skills of the peer mentoring fellow and the participants. However, every group will provide:

  • A safe, nonjudgmental and confidential space for participants to discuss issues related to their Ph.D. training
  • Multiple, fresh perspectives on issues and questions that participants bring to the groups
  • Support and strategies for enhancing participants’ resilience and well-being in graduate school
  • Opportunities for participants to realize that they are not alone in the challenges they face as Ph.D. students
  • Ways for participants to widen their academic, professional and social networks across Duke and to mentor other Ph.D. students

Each of the peer mentoring fellows has been selected for the role on the basis of their interest and expertise in supporting the flourishing and well-being of other Ph.D. students. They have all undergone specialized training with Maria LaMonaca Wisdom, director of interdisciplinary mentoring and coaching programs, to learn best practices and hone skills in active listening, group facilitation, coaching techniques and approaches for supporting a range of diverse learners and learning goals.


For questions regarding the Ph.D. Peer Mentoring Program, please contact Maria LaMonaca Wisdom, director of interdisciplinary mentoring and coaching programs in the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies.

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