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Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Apply to Be a SciComm Fellow!

    Apply to Be a SciComm Fellow!

    Duke Science and Society's SciComm Fellows Program allows faculty and postdocs to develop stronger communication skills.

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  • Name Our Space!

    Name Our Space!

    Enter a new name for the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative's downtown space for a chance to win $1,000!

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  • Environmental Justice Roundtable Report

    Environmental Justice Roundtable Report

    Experts from Duke, UNC and NC State discuss environmental justice research in the Triangle.

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  • MADLAB Project Receives “Research Incubator Award”

    MADLAB Project Receives “Research Incubator Award”

    The MADLAB, an interdisciplinary lab at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, received continued funding for its “Measuring Moral Implicit Attitudes” project.

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Duke's rich culture of interdisciplinary collaboration attracts exceptional faculty and students, adds a critical dimension to teaching, and promotes study at the frontiers of research. Collaboration across disciplines, schools, and institutes has given rise to innovations in undergraduate and graduate education, and in faculty research and recruitment. University-wide institutes, centers, and initiatives—including Bass Connections—are incubating some of Duke's most exciting research and teaching, and are fostering knowledge in service to society.

Today’s challenges demand new forms of expertise. Duke’s approach gives students opportunities to explore issues across disciplines, departments and methods. Learn more >

Interdisciplinary research at Duke takes many forms and can range from a single scholar to a broad team of investigators expanding the frontiers of knowledge. Learn more >

The interdisciplinary experience at Duke goes beyond the classroom and laboratory as faculty and students work to put knowledge in the service of society. Learn more >

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Data Scientists in Action

Duke students in the interdisciplinary Data+ summer program come from a variety of backgrounds, majors and levels of experience with coding. They’re using data analytics to solve problems with client partners.