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Ten Ph.D. Students Find Novel Ways to Enhance Their Education This Summer

Ten Duke University Ph.D. students have received Graduate Student Training Enhancement Grants (GSTEG) for Summer 2022 from the Office of the Provost.

Ph.D. students were invited to propose off-campus internships that would amplify their intellectual agendas beyond the offerings within their programs or elsewhere at Duke.

The recipients will be provided with a stipend as well as coverage of fringe and the summer health fee. They will also take part in an experiential learning workshop taught by Maria Wisdom or Rachel Coleman. Together the students will reflect on their time with their hosts and discuss implications for their intellectual trajectory and career aspirations.

Summer 2022 GSTEG Recipients

Melissa Baroff, Ph.D. in Classical Studies

Summer Intern, Women’s Classical Caucus

Jason Goldfarb, Ph.D. in Literature

Research Assistant in Economic Underdevelopment Lab, University of Massachusetts–Amherst

Dana Grieco, Ph.D. in Marine Science & Conservation

The Evidence Synthesis in Marine Conservation Internship, American Museum of Natural History

Jacob Harrison, Ph.D. in Biology

Science Communication and Outreach Through Visually-Guided Narratives, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Rachael Lau, Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Landslide Monitoring and Mitigation Using Synthetic Aperture Radar, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Xinyan Lin, Ph.D. in Marine Science & Conservation

Philanthropy in Global Governance of Marine Biodiversity Conservation, Oceans Five

Maria Nagawa, Ph.D. in Public Policy

Burkina Faso Rural Land Governance Project, The Cloudburst Group

Ryan O’Connell, Ph.D. in Ecology

Evaluating the Impact of Multiple Management Strategies on Mountain Heartleaf (Hexastylis contracta), a Species of Conservation Concern, United States Forest Service

Jessica Orzulak, Ph.D. in Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Curatorial Intern, North Carolina Museum of Art

John Winn, Ph.D. in Literature

Curatorial Intern, Cosmic Rays Film Festival

Main image: Top row: Melissa Baroff, Jason Goldfarb, Dana Grieco, Jacob Harrison, Rachael Lau; bottom row: Xinyan Lin, Maria Nagawa, Ryan O’Connell, Jessica Orzulak, John Winn