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AMENDMENT A social choreography by Michael Kliën Experience an immersive work - a social choreography - by choreographer and professor Michael Kliën. In times of the systemic destruction of our environment, Amendment offers a container to reform our relationship with the unknown, the foreign, the animal. The work provides citizens with extraordinary experiences to temporarily transcend the human/non-human divide and dive into a relationship of reciprocal belonging. 6-7:30 p.m. Tues, March 28, 2023 von der Heyden Studio Theater Rubenstein Arts Center, Duke University Free; prior registration required. Email for more information and to confirm participation. Limited places. Dinner is catered after the event (optional). About AMENDMENT AMENDMENT, a social choreography that grew out of Kliën's seminal work Parliament in response to the urgency of the situation, works on both the now and the next. It can acutely affect those who partake and the/their web of relations, the ecology to which they belong. At the same time, it develops the imagination for what comes after the catastrophe. How to rebuild? What do you rebuild? Going forward, AMENDMENT wants to mend, to provide a viable lifeboat into the next. Choreographic Concept: Michael Kliën Original Sound: Volkmar Klien Project Management: Courtney Crumpler Amendment has been developed in interdisciplinary dialogues with Dance 462 Performance: Amendment (Duke University) and R.I.C.E. on Hydra (Greece). The project is part of the Bass Connections project '"Performing Embodied Communities: New Pathways for Cultural Institutions" and is presented by the Duke Dance Program and the Laboratory for Social Choreography at the Kenan Institute for Ethics.


Climate, Ethics, Human Rights, Humanities, Sustainability