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Seven Groups of Faculty Receive Intellectual Community Planning Grants for 2017

In Duke’s rich culture of collaboration, many scholars are working together on a broad range of projects, and new ideas are constantly bubbling up. To provide seed funding for some emerging areas of collaboration, Provost Sally Kornbluth and Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies Ed Balleisen are pleased to announce seven awards for Intellectual Community Planning Grants.

These small awards, ranging from $3,500 to $5,000, will support the following groups of faculty as they pursue the development of a new or existing collaboration.

Cover-ups & Exposés

Kenan Institute for Ethics: Geoffrey HarphamSuzanne Katzenstein (co-PI), Wayne Norman
Law: Samuel BuellKim Krawiec
Trinity/Philosophy: Wayne NormanDavid Wong
Trinity/Political Science: Ruth Grant (co-PI), Jack Knight
Trinity/Thompson Writing Program: Matt Whitt
In collaboration with faculty from UNC Chapel Hill

Disease- & Tissue-specific Collaborative Groups for Advancement of Regenerative Biology & Medicine

Medicine/Cell Biology: Kenneth Poss (PI)
Medicine/Orthopedic Surgery: Benjamin Alman
Pratt/Biomedical Engineering: Nenad Bursac
Trinity/Biology: David Sherwood
Sanford School of Public Policy: Jennifer Owen

A Forum for Innovative Collaborations in the Empirical Study of the Social Sciences

Trinity/Political Science: Laia BalcellsDavid Siegel (PI), Daniel Stegmueller
Trinity/Sociology: Chris BailJames MoodyStephen Vaisey
Trinity/Statistical Science: David BanksKatherine Heller

Fostering Collaborations at Duke to Address Global Cancer Disparities

Duke Global Health Institute: Gavin YameyKrishna Udayakumar
Pratt/Biomedical Engineering: Nimmi Ramanujam
Medicine/Obstetrics & Gynecology: Megan Huchko (PI)
Medicine/Radiation Oncology: Gita Suneja

Planetary Health

Duke Global Health Institute: Randy Kramer
Medicine/Infectious Disease: Gregory Gray
Nicholas School/Environmental Sciences & Policy: William Pan (PI), Subhrendu Pattanayak
Trinity/Evolutionary Anthropology: Brian Hare
Pratt/Civil & Environmental Engineering: Marc Deshusses
Sanford School of Public Policy: Marc Jeuland

In Transit: The Arts of Migration

Nasher Museum of Art: Molly BoaratiSarah SchrothMarianne Wardle
Trinity/Art, Art History & Visual Studies: Pedro Lasch
Trinity/Music: Michael Kris
Trinity/Romance Studies: Roberto DainottoAlan José (PI), Helen SoltererElvira Vilches

Triangle Seminar on the Histories of Muslim Societies & Communities

Trinity/History: Bruce Hall (PI), Adam Mestyan
Trinity/Economics: Timur Kuran
Trinity/Religious Studies: Mona Hassan
Trinity/Slavic & Eurasian Studies: Mustafa Tuna