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Faculty and Ph.D. Students Will Collaborate on New or Revised Summer Courses

Nine departments received 2022 Summer Course Development Grants from Duke’s offices of Undergraduate Education and Interdisciplinary Studies in partnership with Duke Learning Innovation. Faculty and Ph.D. students will collaborate on the development or redesign of ten summer session courses that will be offered regularly to undergraduates beginning in Summer 2023. Six courses will be revised, while four will be brand new.

These departments will receive a funding package for one Ph.D. student in Summer 2022 to work as a research assistant developing course materials in partnership with one or more faculty members, and for the faculty to receive research funding.

Duke Learning Innovation will provide both formal course design guidance, which may take the form of an intensive kick-off workshop, and ongoing consultation to faculty and RAs.

Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Introduction to World Art History (ARTHIST 102D Revised)

Faculty: Paul JaskotSheila Dillon and Shambhavi Kaul

Ph.D. Student: Robin Klaus


Entomology: Insect Biology and Diversity (BIOLOGY 349L Revised)

Faculty: Ron GrunwaldSheila N. Patek and H. Frederik Nijhout

Ph.D. Student: Anna Kudla


Organic Chemistry II Lab (CHEM 202L Revised)

Faculty: Charlie Cox

Ph.D. Student: Taylor Outlaw

Classical Studies

Intensive Greek

Faculty: Lauren Ginsberg and Joshua Sosin

Ph.D. Student: Michael Freeman

Evolutionary Anthropology

Advanced Osteology

Faculty: Leslie Digby and Steven Churchill

Ph.D. Student: Katherine McVay

Marine Science & Conservation

The Future of Ocean Use

Faculty: John Virdin and Rebecca Vidra

Ph.D. Student: Jon Choi

Psychology & Neuroscience

Beyond Ordinary Consciousness: The Science, Philosophy and Phenomenology of Contemplation

Faculty: Bridgette HardMoria Smoski and Richard Jaffe

Ph.D. Student: Joseph Diehl

Romance Studies

Advanced Intermediate French (Culture and Sustainability: Focus on Tunisia) (FRENCH 204A Revised)

Faculty: Laura Florand

Ph.D. Student: Samar Miled

Statistical Science

Data Analysis and Statistical Inference (STA 101 Revised)

Faculty: Alexander Fisher and Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel

Ph.D. Student: Raphaël Morsomme

Statistical Science (STA 210 Revised)

Faculty: Maria Tackett

Ph.D. Student: Rick Presman

Caption for main image: Top row: Paul Jaskot, Sheila Dillon, Shambhavi Kaul and Robin Klaus; Ron Grunwald, Sheila Patek, Frederik Nijhout and Anna Kudla; Charlie Cox and Taylor Outlaw; middle row: Lauren Ginsberg, Joshua Sosin and Michael Freeman; Leslie Digby, Steven Churchill and Katherine McVay; John Virdin, Rebecca Vidra and Jon Choi; bottom row: Bridgette Hard, Moria Smoski, Richard Jaffe and Joseph Diehl; Laura Florand and Samar Miled; Alexander Fisher, Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel and Raphaël Morsomme; Maria Tackett and Rick Presman