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Screen/Society--Uýra: The Rising Forest (Juliana Curi, 2022) | Amazon Film Series

The Amazon Lab at FHI & Screen/Society present: The Amazon Film Series #1: "Uýra: The Rising Forest" (Juliana Curi, 2022, 63 minutes, Brazil, USA, Portuguese w/ English subtitles, DCP) Uýra, a trans-Indigenous artist, travels through the Amazon rainforest on a journey of self-discovery. Collaborating with village communities along the way, they use performance art, ancestral messages, and exquisite transformations-often created from materials found in the nearby forest-to confront structural racism and transphobia in Brazil. "See it because it's brilliantly made; see it because it's one of those rare pieces of cinema which could permanently change the way you think." - Eye for Film "Bold and expressive cinema" - Hollywood Times "'The Rising Forest' is a visual feast. Even the decay of garbage-filled waterways offers a colourful panoply of horror from which it is impossible to turn away, repellent and seductive at the same time." - PopMatters View trailer: COVID-19 Info: Masking is optional; fully vaccinated status strongly encouraged. (See our website for details.)