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Duke I&E Startup Showcase

On April 13 from 2-4 pm at Wallace Wade Stadium, come see what student ventures are being created at Duke. Founders from Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs, the Student Founder Program, Duke Innovation Studio, New Ventures courses, and more will showcase their startups for fellow students, alumni, funders, and community members. Try samples of Nuba, a Middle Eastern beverage startup co-founded by Gina El Kattan MBA '23; talk interactive sports fandom with John Antonelli '23, co-founder of Real; see how Michelle Addison MBA '23 is partnering with East Cut Sandwiches and other eateries to bring her company, Allergood, to customers with food allergies; get a demo of language learning platform Zoom Without Borders from its founder, Valencia Hochberg '25-and meet many other Duke student founders working on the Next Big Thing.


Business, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Technology