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Interdisciplinary Studies

Institutes & Centers

The seven University Institutes and their affiliated Centers (UICs) foster and contribute problem-focused, interdisciplinary research and education to Duke, and generate knowledge in the service of society through initiation and facilitation of novel collaborations and programming.

In addition to the Institutes’ Centers, most of Duke’s individual Schools also boast groups of interdisciplinary, school-based Centers – often called research centers – that create collaborative research, innovative courses, and various opportunities for students and faculty to apply their knowledge in service to society.

Below you will find information on the seven signature Institutes as well as links to the school-based interdisciplinary Centers. The links at the right will take you to each Institute's website and expand to show each Institute-affiliated Center.


  DIBS... advances discoveries that transform our understanding of brain function and translate into innovative solutions for health and society.


Nicholas Institute... combines the expertise of scientists, economists, policy experts and lawyers to develop timely, effective and economically practical solutions to the world’s critical environmental challenges.



 KIE logo... is an interdisciplinary 'think and do' tank committed to understanding and addressing real-world ethical challenges facing individuals, organizations and societies worldwide.



DGHI cropped... examines how poverty, gender, environment, and globalization reinforce existing health disparities, and works to develop research and policy approaches to remedy these areas.



FHI logo... encourages and enables serious humanistic inquiry, and promotes a heightened awareness of the centrality of the humanities to the quality of human life, social interaction, and scholarship in all fields.




... supports innovative, externally funded research that bridges to policy, integrates knowledge and service, and makes the translation between theory and practice.



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Each of the following links takes you to the page within each school that contains information about that school's centers:

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences

Divinity School

The Fuqua School of Business

School of Law

School of Medicine

Nicholas School of the Environment

Pratt School of Engineering

Sanford School of Public Policy